The Chronicles of Emunah

Janice Wee

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A letter from the Author

Growing up, the highlight of my school holidays was staying with my cousin Ray. Sometimes she'd stay at our home. Other times, I'd stay in her home.

I remember those holidays in Siglap. Her dad, Dr Peter Wee HL was passionate about escathology. He, my dad and all their brothers were huge comic book fans. My uncle has a library with decades worth of carefully preserved comic books. One of my favourite things then was to raid his collection. We'd get stacks of comics and spend the afternoons in the fantasy world of DC comics.

Meals were memorable with lively discourse on eschatology and comic book storylines. The book of Revelation was often a dinner topic which brought endless fascination although at that tender age, I struggled to follow their discussions.

That was decades ago.

Now, I feel a strong calling to write this epic. It's too difficult a project for me to do alone. My uncle, Dr Peter Wee has been amazing in guiding me through the difficult bits of Revelation and Escathology so that I could write the novel, The Quest for Immortality, the main story for this series.

I have a sense that it is for someone I don't know, whom I may never meet, but whom I'd meet in eternity one day. Whoever you are, I hope this book, though a work of fiction, would encourage and bless you.

Yours Sincerely