Book Cover

Emunah Chronicles

by Janice Wee

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Epic, Realistic Fiction, End times fiction series

Book 1 : Disturbing Dreams

Emunah's encounter with eerie Science and the supernatural kicks off the saga where paths of friends diverge, some to heaven, some to hell, and others to the land in between. This short story sets up the end days epic tale.

Book 2 : The Beast's Mark

Set 3.5 years after the end of Book 2, The Beast's Mark chronicles the Beast's rise to absolute power and the enforcing of 666. This dark tale is short and shocking.

Book 3 : The Quest for Immortality

This full length novel runs from the start of Book 1 but from Leo's point of view as he seeks to cheat death. It covers the events in the gap between books 1 and 2 and beyond, through the eyes of the survivors. It shows the awesome fate of those who had vanished.

It's both realistic and fantastic and has been described by readers as “mind blowing”