Christian Speculative Fiction, Best Friend, Alien Deception, Ghosts

Emunah Short Stories Book 3. Emunah.

Emunah's Story

Launches 1 July 2024. Preorder now.


Messianic Jew, Emunah, leaves her home in Israel to study in the west, and almost loses her life.

Jayden, a handsome senior saves her life. Sparks fly. Would they cross the fine line between friendship and romance?

Dangers and deception lurk around every corner.

Emma's alien obsession puts a target on her back which could be linked to Lydia's cursed box.

Emunah's housemates stumble on a corporate conspiracy with occult links that could spell the start of the apocalypse.


Do beings from another reality exist?

What if someone, or something from another dimension is monitoring mankind?

What if that superior lifeform intends to direct the course of humanity towards its own agenda?

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Title: Emunah

Series: Emunah Short Stories

Author: Janice Wee

Ebook ISBN: 9798227556059
Ebook price: $3.99 USD

Paperback book ISBN: 9798227012449
Paperback book price: $9.99 USD