Emunah Chronicles - Christian Speculative Fiction

by Janice Wee

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Christian Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction

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Emunah Chronicles is a sci-fi thriller set in the end times. It begins when Emunah’s A.I. friend declares undying love for her. Investigations into Beast Corp., the company behind A.I. and various biotech advancements lead Emunah and her friends down a rabbit hole where their paths diverge towards heaven or hell.

Disturbing Dreams, Book 1
is a christian speculative fiction mini novella that chronicles Emunah’s encounter with aliens, her friends’ preparation for the unknown until half of their merry group vanishes.

The Beast’s Mark, Book 2 is a dark tale where the antichrist rules, clones with superpowers emerge and some of the gang go underground. It’s where the love story between Ava and Jayden begins.

The Quest for Immortality, Book 3, is a full novel that covers the entire story, starting and ending with Leo and Mei, transhumanists who search for the way to beat death. Leo encounters the physical embodiment of death at a young age and tries to save as many as he can from its clutches. Mei is haunted by her grandmother’s ghost who promises to drag her to hell on her twenty-fifth birthday. It’s a story of friendship and betrayal, of victory and loss in the last days.
Here's the version with the original cover.
Original cover for the Quest for Immortality

And here's the version with the variant cover I created for Kickstarter.
Variant cover for the Quest for Immortality

I've created a guide book for the Emunah Chronicles series. Here you'll learn more about each character and the events that take place in the story. It will only be available in ebook version for now. I will add to it according to the feedback of readers or as I write more books for this series. Until then, the book is too short to qualify for printing.

Disturbing Dreams
The Beast's Mark
The Quest For Immortality
The Characters & Events in The Quest for Immortality