Emunah Short Stories

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Set in the Emunah Chronicles universe, the Emunah Short Stories is a 12 book Christian fiction series that begins before The Quest for Immortality. Each book is a compact, self contained story, focusing on one character during a slice of the timeline.

Each book would be in the genre that best suits that character and the timeline during which the tale is set.

Emunah Short Stories Book 1: Abigail

Emunah Short Stories Book 1: Abigail

An upmarket women's fiction.

It’s a tragedy when we don’t realise that what we longed for, has been with us all along...
Until it’s too late.
Such is the story of Abigail Applewood.

Emunah Short Stories Book 2: Oliver

Emunah Short Stories Book 2. Oliver

Christian fiction that touches on spiritual warfare.

Grieving his brother's death, Oliver becomes an outlier in his pursuit of souls, but appearances are deceiving.

A cursed box haunts Lydia even as Oliver searches for the truth behind his father's death. Oliver's life spins out of control, but in the realm of the spirits, something sinister is going on. Can Oliver win the battle?

Emunah Short Stories Book 3: Emunah

Emunah Short Stories Book 3. Emunah

Speculative Science Fiction Thriller.

Emunah's life spirals into a thrilling web of friendship, forbidden love, alien encounters, and dark conspiracies after a gorgeous hunk saves her life.