Emunah Short Stories

    Emunah Short Stories

    Short stories set in the same universe as The Quest for Immortality by Janice Wee

    Character driven stories ranging from romance, to horror, to science fiction. Each focuses on a separate part of the timeline laid out in the book of Revelation. It's Christian Fiction written in the same style as Historical Fiction, using Bible Prophecy as the backdrop instead of history.

    Tales from Singapore

    Tales from Singapore

    A #Historical Fiction Thriller

    Inspired by family lore revolving around my immensely strong and adventurous grandfather who was born in the early 1900s.

    Little Nonya

    Little Nonya Series

    A #Funny collection of short stories about a little Nonya's shenanigans.

    Short stories.
    Mostly fiction.
    Sort of.
    If my mother doesn't remember them, they are fictional.
    Inspired by my childhood memories where my cousins and I terrorised grown ups in the Nonya and Baba (Peranakan) community.

    The Chronicles of Emunah

    The Chronicles of Emunah Series

    A #scary and thrilling science fiction series set in the near future.

    This is the biggest project I've ever embarked on. The story has been described by a reader as eerily scary and could actually happen in our lifetime. There are two short stories and a long novel in this series. Each can be read on its own, though the character guide may enhance the entire reading experience. It is character and event driven, prophetic with plenty of world building and quite a heavy read.

    Emunah Short Stories is set in this universe, with each book focusing on the story of one character from the protagonist's POV.

    Short Stories from Long Hill

    Short Stories from Long Hill

    A #lighthearted and fun read which can be read as a series of children's books or social commentary akin to Animal Farm.

    It all begins when chickens escape a chicken farm during a storm. The escapees find their way to a place known as Long Hill where food is plentiful and chickens roam free. Squirrels, boars and other wildlife join this happy community.

    This series is still in progress.