Tales from Singapore

A #Historical Fiction Thriller

Stanley runs away from home to join a ship's crew.

How did I end up writing this series?

The seeds were planted when my late father told me when grandpa was young, his dad remarried. Grandpa was so upset that he ran away from home and joined a ship's crew. His stepmother was a good woman and got her brothers to search the islands around Singapore for him. Her brother found him in Indonesia and persuaded him to return to Singapore. If not for that step uncle, our entire clan would have been born in Indonesia, not Singapore.

Grandpa was a very strong man and a hero. Back in those days, Katong was a beach. Singapore hadn't reclaimed land yet and Marine Parade did not exist. Grandpa swam the distance from Katong on Marine Parade in the open sea to rescue a woman from drowning. That gave me the opening scene for my series. The rest of it is purely a figment of my imagination.

Singapore's Runaway

Singapore's Runaway

A #YAFiction Coming of Age Adventure.

When Stanley's father returns home with his new wife, Stanley's so furious, he runs away from home and joins a ship's crew. That ship is believed to be haunted.

Set during the British colonial rule, the coloured crew is discriminated against by some of the white crew members, as seen the the bullying Ah Cheng experiences on the ship. It's a fast-paced tale of friendship, secrets, betrayal and forgiveness that's a light and rewarding read.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

A #Historical Romance.

Stanley flees from bounty hunters and hides in Indonesia. There he meets his true love, Eve. Death rampages through Eve's village.

The original title for this book was Two Worlds, One Love & a Serial Killer, which is quite a mouthful. I didn't like the original cover either. So I renamed the book to Two Worlds and created a much better book cover for it.



A #WW2 Singapore Tale.

After the British surrendered Singapore to Japan, the Japanese killed our strong men in the Sook Ching massacre during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. This is the story of how my grandfather, Ah Kong, escaped. It's based on my recollection of my late father's stories ten years ago.