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When family conflict escalates to the point that one runs away from home, what then? Some runaways are never found. Some don't survive. Others carve a new life of their own. Occasionally, a runaway, through some miracle, returns and reunites with their family.

This is a fictional account of one such runaway. In Singapore's Runaway, Stanley runs away from his family in Singapore and joins a ship, sailing to from port to port and seeking a life of adventure. Meet the multicultural cast of the story. His adventure continues in Two Worlds, One Love & A Serial Killer.

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Singapore's Runaway

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This is Book 1 from the Tales from Singapore Series

Title: Singapore's Runaway

Author: Janice Wee

Ebook ISBN: 9798215714737
Ebook price: $4.99 USD

Print book ISBN: 9798215680414
Print book price: $11.99 USD


In Singapore's Runaway, Stanley, a Straits Born Chinese youth from Singapore, runs away from home and joins a sailing ship as part of a multicultural crew. The ship is believed to be haunted. He befriends Ah Cheng, Gopal, Ahmad, and Tan Ah Kow, and the crew experiences friendship and adventure. Stanley's family sends ships to search for him to bring him home. Can Stanley avoid getting caught and losing his freedom? He hides his past for fear that shipmates may turn him in.

Sample Chapter:

1. Rescue

Angry waves slapped the white sands of Katong beach. Tide rose with fury, swallowing up the dry beach and all unfortunate enough to be in its way.

“Dora!” A frantic man yelled. Too late. Crowds gathered.

A tiny speck bobbing in the waves, more than three miles away, cried for help. The heartless ocean consumed her, together with seashells she was picking.

“The rope!” Yelled a man.

A thick coiled twine soared through the air, less than a quarter of the distance before dropping into the sea, impotent.

There were no boats in sight. Jet black clouds gathered. A thunderstorm loomed. “No! Too far. No one can swim so far. She’ll die!” An aunty wailed.

A self fulfilling prophecy, if you believe it.

Powerful undercurrents. The likelihood of lightning striking the open sea.

Would he risk his life for a complete stranger?

His conscience wouldn’t let him shut out the desperate screams of the drowning girl. In a heartbeat.

Without further delay, Stanley plunged in.

The currents, like powerful, fluid hands pulled him down. With every swift, powerful stroke, Stanley dragged himself closer to the hapless girl. The undercurrent that drew its victims out into the ocean sped his journey towards her. The young woman was conscious, treading water, struggling to stay afloat.

He could do this. One more pull. Another stroke. . Stronger. Faster.

She had to hang in there a little longer.

Desperate arms flailed, grabbing at him. A dead weight, pulling him down.

“Relax. I’ve got you.” Stanley wrapped an arm around her, the other, opposing the current with a strong pull. The vigorous strength training regime he endured for his sport paid off.

Getting to her was the easy part. Battling the powerful current in the open sea one-handed, while carrying a full grown woman more than three miles to shore. That was the bigger challenge.

The sky turned black. The air, electric. A storm loomed. Lightning danced in the sky.

She screamed. Her hands around his neck obstructed his breath. In her panic, she dragged them both down.

“Please. Calm down.” He removed her hands from his neck with as much care as he could muster.

Shore was less than a mile away. He could do this. God helps those who help themselves.

Lungs bursting, muscles aching, he pressed on with his precious cargo. One long stroke at a time, each propelling them closer to safety.

His feet touched the sand.

The water reached up to his chest. Almost there.

Carrying the girl bridal style, he bought her to shore.

“Princess!” A middle aged gentleman waded towards them, arms outstretched, taking the young woman into his arms.

“Papa,” her voice faint, her weak smile reached her eyes as she rested her head on the man’s shoulders.

“Thank you for saving my daughter,” the man beamed. “You are a fine lad.”

“You are welcome,” warmth flooded Stanley’s heart. The joy that radiated out of father and daughter, the exuberance of the crowd at his rescue overwhelmed him. His cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Captain David Hawkins,” the middle aged man stretched out his hand, which Stanley accepted with a firm grip. “My ship, The Everingham could use a fine young man like you.”

“Thank you Captain Hawkins,” said Stanley.

“If you ever want a life of adventure, sailing the seven seas, you are always welcome to join my crew,” the Captain winked. He walked off with his arms wrapped around his precious daughter.

A life of adventure. That’s a far cry from his father’s boring, administrative plans for him. Stanley let his mind wander to the exciting life he longed for, to sail the seven seas and see the world beyond Temasek.