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Janice Wee

Janice Wee

Author of adventure, romance, and fan fiction

Janice Wee is a Singaporean author who has published several books across a variety of genres, including multicultural stories, kids stories, and DC Comics fan fiction centered around Billy Batson/Captain Marvel. She is known for her vivid descriptions of characters and settings, as well as her engaging and immersive writing style.

A Straits Born Chinese from Singapore, Janice is the daughter of English teachers, with her father being the school librarian. Growing up in Rambai Road, she developed a love for books and comics from an early age.

Janice enjoys eating Buah Keluak and is a foodie who loves a good cup of tea with scones. Here's her favourite scone recipe. She graduated from the National University of Singapore and now writes fiction and fan fiction, typically at grade 3 reading level, for the enjoyment of readers of all ages.

She was a naughty Little Nonya growing up. She and her cousin Ray have fond memories of talcum powder shenanigans. They would powder their uncle's workout bench to turn it into a slide. They powdered the floor to make an ice skating rink which inspired a short story in her book Naughty Little Nonya.

Janice studied in Guillemard East Primary School where her late father worked as a teacher. She spent six wonderfully memorable years there.

Her book Little Nonya's Escapades is a work of fiction based on her six years there, written in memory of her late Daddy, Mr Anthony Wee. Tammy's story is based on Janice's personal experience - fragments of precious childhood memories wrapped in fiction.

Check out her books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/janicewee