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Janice Wee

Janice Wee

Author of adventure, romance, and fan fiction

Janice Wee is a Singaporean author who has published several books across a variety of genres, including multicultural stories, kids stories, and DC Comics fan fiction centered around Billy Batson/Captain Marvel. She is known for her vivid descriptions of characters and settings, as well as her engaging and immersive writing style.

A Straits Born Chinese from Singapore, Janice is the daughter of English teachers, with her father being the school librarian. Growing up in Rambai Road, she developed a love for books and comics from an early age.

Janice enjoys eating Buah Keluak and is a foodie who loves a good cup of tea with scones. Here's her favourite scone recipe.

Due to weight problems and arthritis, in her new season in life as a full time author, she uses food as her medicine, cooking her meals with the health properties of the ingredients in mind. Her favourite daily protein source is her Anti-inflammatory, oven baked chicken breast. Done right, it's tender and juicy and totally yummy.

She graduated from the National University of Singapore and now writes fiction and fan fiction, typically at grade 3 reading level, for the enjoyment of readers of all ages.

She was a naughty Little Nonya growing up. She and her cousin Ray have fond memories of talcum powder shenanigans. They would powder their uncle's workout bench to turn it into a slide. They powdered the floor to make an ice skating rink which inspired a short story in her book Naughty Little Nonya.

Janice studied in Guillemard East Primary School where her late father worked as a teacher. She spent six wonderfully memorable years there.

Her book Little Nonya's Escapades is a work of fiction based on her six years there, written in memory of her late Daddy, Mr Anthony Wee. Tammy's story is based on Janice's personal experience - fragments of precious childhood memories wrapped in fiction.

Check out her books on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/janicewee