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Emunan Book 1: Disturbing Dreams, ebook, regular price $3.99 will be FREE through these online bookshops. Click HERE.

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The Emunah Chronicles novel, The Quest For Immortality is available in ebook and print from major online bookstores and libraries. It's a compelling and chilling read.
It's the main book of my speculative science fiction series Emunah Chronicles, The novel is a thought-provoking urban fantasy about man’s tango with death during the end times.
Expect clones, aliens and superpowers in this mind boggling page turner.

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If you're looking for clean ya fantasy books, Check out my epic fantasy series, Emunah Chronicles..

Here are The Chronicles of Emunah book trailers on YouTube.

2024 Releases

Just Released!Max & Friends
Collects Books 1 to 3 of
Short Stories from Long Hill.

with cartoons by the author!Max The Cat
Short Stories from Long Hill Book 3

New! Sweetcorn Suzie
- a collection of short stories.

Hot! The Quest for Immortality by Janice Wee
- The Emunah Chronicles Novel.

Character SpotlightEmunah
The Chronicles of Emunah.

Character SpotlightJayden
The Chronicles of Emunah.

New Edition! Two Worlds
Tales from Singapore Book 2.

My Books

Tales from Singapore series consists of historical fiction inspired by family lore.

Singapore's Runaway

Singapore's Runaway

A multicultural crew during the time of white privilege during the British colonial days form the background of Stanley’s adventures on the ship and islands in Southeast Asia. He has to hide his past from his shipmates. Will they find out? Will they turn him in for the bounty on his head? Click here to get the book.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

In Indonesia, Stanley finds love amidst a chilling mystery. Meanwhile, his detective stepuncle in Singapore, hot on an opium syndicate's trail, lands on Stanley's island. Torn between love and home, Stanley faces an agonizing choice. Discover the suspense in this riveting narrative. Click here to get the book.

Emunah Chronicles

Emunah Chronicles

In the bustling, technologically-driven world of "Disturbing Dreams", Emunah, a young woman on the brink of adulthood, finds herself drawn into a mysterious web of divine prophecies and sinister corporate conspiracies. When her confidante, an advanced AI, delivers an eerie suggestion of cloning and mind-uploading, Emunah's seemingly ordinary life begins to unravel.

"The Beast's Mark" is a symphony of intrigue, action, and suspense that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. See the Series!

Naughty Little Nonya

Naughty Little Nonya

Dive into fun-filled adventures with a spirited girl and her daring cousins. These grade 3-level tales brim with mischief, family, and humor, from playing detectives to foiling burglars. Experience the thrill and laughter in this captivating collection.
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Little Nonya Escapades

Little Nonya Escapades

Tammy goes to school. As a teacher's daughter, much is expected of her. Things aren't all they seem. Little Tammy has a secret she hopes no one would ever find out.

This is the sequel to Naughty Little Nonya.
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Little Nonya Escapades

Sweetcorn Suzie

Sweetcorn Suzie bumbles through life in these seven charming short stories that are heartwarming and funny.
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