Billy Batson Is Captain Marvel Fan Fics

I loved reading the old Captain Marvel comics where he was chosen because of his pure heart. He was orphaned. His uncle who was supposed to care for him threw him out yet he never stole nor lashed out at others, unlike Earth 0’s Shazam. Unfortunately, DC stopped publishing Captain Marvel and replaced him with Shazam. If you’ve read those comics from the time he was called Shazam onwards, you’d realize he’s a completely different character altogether.

I missed the original Captain Marvel so much, I started writing fan fiction with stories I want to read. Then I shared my fan fics with other original Captain Marvel fans on AO3. At one point, I organised my stories in chronological order in my Wattpad fan fic The Secret Life of Billy Batson but I have written so many new fics since then, it’s a big mess. I plan to use this site to organize them for your reading pleasure.

DC had amazing stories going on for Captain Marvel which were abandoned. Possibilities never pursued. My fan fics pick up where those tales left off.

Here's the inspiration behind my Billy Batson fic A New Adventure.

As a writer, I thrive on reader support. Your comments encouraged me to write Super Reporter Billy Batson on ao3. It's stopped after Clark and Billy rescued Bruce and Damian. The Bats are now in the Watchtower recovering from their wounds. I'm thinking of either adding more chapters to that fic or writing a new series or Billy Batson identity reveals. If you'd like more fan fics from me, please subscribe to my newsletter and indicate your interest. Thanks.

    Identity Reveal

    Comics Canon:

    In JSA #47 Todd pulls his dad, Alan Scott, The Sentinel into the Shadow Realms. Captain Marvel and Stargirl fly in to rescue him.

    The Shadow Realms cut Captain Marvel off from the Wizard Shazam’s power. Lightning strikes him, reverting him back to Billy right in front of Stargirl.

    My Fanfic:

    JSA #48

    Love at First Splat is a slapstick look at Billy’s encounter with Courtney Whitmore before he joins the Justice Society. It’s love at first sight. The mouse detectives (original characters I created) counsel the lovesick boy.

    Two years later, Captain Marvel and Stargirl, on a JSA adventure, land up in another universe where Captain Marvel cannot access his powers and reverts to Billy. It’s a nod to the JSA series.


    Comics Canon:

    In JSA #48: In Shadow Lands while searching for Alan Scott, Billy and Courtney fall in love. What follows in the next issues is a sweet romance I’d put right up there, in the same category as the Peter Parker/Mary Jane. They were so good together. They could dethrone Superman/Lois Lane romance in DC if given the chance.

    My Fanfic:


    Courtney is Billy’s pillar of strength and sanity. She plays a role in Captain Nanny to ground him.

    Who Is Billy Batson shows you a peek into their adult lives in this AU.

    The Memories of Billy Batson is an alternative to the lonely solo existence DC's Canon wants him to have.

    I’ve written so much about them and plan to keep writing them so I plan to do a timeline or section to organize these works on this site.

    Black Adam/JSA Black reign

    Comics Canon:

    In Black Adam/JSA Black Reign, Courtney isn’t the damsel in distress waiting for Captain Marvel to rescue her. On the contrary, she rescues Billy as much as he saves her. They are equals. Partners. They treat each other as such.

    My Fanfic:

    In my fan fic, Justice League Contingencies, the members of the Justice League are picked off one by one, using Batman’s contingency plans. It’s a nod to the Justice League story where Ray Al Gul stole Batman's contingency plans and used them against the Justice League. Offhand, I can't find that comic. I'll update here when I find it.

    Black Adam/JSA Black reign Part 2

    Comics Canon:

    In Black Adam/JSA Black reign Part 2:

    Other than Stargirl and Black Adam, no one in the JSA knows that Captain Marvel is really a sixteen-year-old boy. Jay Garrick, The Flash, senses there’s something going on between Marvel and Courtney and it looks bad. He confronts Marvel about it.

    Rather than revealing his real age, Billy lets Jay think he’s an adult who is romantically interested in a teenage girl and breaks up with Courtney.

    My Fanfic:

    DC’s forced and stupid breakup of my favourite couple got me so pissed that I decided to write fan fiction and create an entire alternate universe for Billy and Courtney to be together. So here it is. For my own satisfaction and enjoyment, which I’d like to share with you.

    Billy & Courtney. Shazam & Stargirl.

    It’s the first fan fic I’ve ever written and got me on this journey to create an entire AU.

    Black Adam and Isis

    Comics Canon:

    In Black Adam and Isis

    When Isis steals Marvel’s power and he reverts to Billy, unable to transform, he contacts the JSA for help. It’s only then that he reveals his secret to his former team mates. What follows is a sweet reunion between Billy and Courtney which I absolutely loved. At the end of it, the Wizard Shazam takes back his power and Courtney loses interest in him, falling for Atom Smasher instead.

    My Fanfic:

    I’m like… What?!?!

    I love that couple so much and hated how DC broke them up. To add insult to injury, Courtney goes gaga over Atom Smasher?

    I had enough!

    I wrote Love Conquers All to give Billy and Courtney the happy ending they deserve.

    Here it is on Wattpad.

    And AO3.

    First Thunder

    Comics Canon:

    In First Thunder:

    In the mini series, Superman teamed up with Captain Marvel to investigate museum robberies that hit Metropolis and Fawcett. The two became fast friends.

    Back then, Billy had a best friend who would visit him in the subway where they would have out. That boy, Scott Okum was killed in gunfire meant for Billy. Captain Marvel lost it and confronted the mastermind. The resulting destruction made the news which led to Superman confronting Cap.

    Billy revealed his secret to Superman, which led to this panel at the end of the story.

    My Fanfic:

    I really enjoyed the friendship between Superman and Captain Marvel. What I really liked was them cracking a case from different angles.

    In my Alternate Universe, Billy is an investigative reporter.

    These stories are about Clark Kent and Billy Batson team ups to get the story.

    Two Undercover Super Reporters

    This is where Superman finds out Cap is a kid.

    Super Reporters – Super Dad and Captain Son.

    It’s a wacky adventure that brings out Clark’s fatherly side.

    Superman/Shazam First Thunder

    Comics Canon:

    In Superman/Shazam First Thunder:

    First Thunder ended with this panel which offered so much hope, so much potential of the growing friendship between the pair. It was a disappointment when DC never followed up on it.

    My Fanfic:

    Since DC isn’t going to make the most out of that friendship, I decided to write fan fics with these two bonding as brothers.

    Justice League Shenanigans

    It’s sibling rivalry time.

    Super Reporters in Khandaq

    Introducing my Alternate Universe take on Black Adam

    Superman #102

    Comics Canon:

    Superman #102

    In this story, Jonathan and Martha Kent encounter this adorable boy reporter on Mother’s Day. When they realize he’s an orphan, they offer to adopt him, but he turns them down.

    My Fanfic:

    In my Alternate Universe, when Batman finds out his secret and insists on adopting him, he turns to Clark for help. Clark can’t take on the billionaire dad of many kids, so he turns to his Ma and Pa for help. Read Billy Bat-Son?!? on AO3 for the full fan fic. There are a lot more fan fics I’ve written. These are the ones foremost in my mind. Subscribe to Jam5 on AO3 to get updates on my new stories as I post them.

    I'm currently writing fan fics in another Alternate Universe, based on feedback from readers.

    In this new AU, Diana adopts Billy. Hope you like it too.

    Here's my write up on this new ongoing series in the Alternate Universe where Diana adopts Billy.

    I hope you like my other books too, with my own characters which are not fan fiction.