Two Worlds

Tales from Singapore. 2nd edition of Book 2


In the 19th and early 20th century, opium-smoking destroyed the lives of many Chinese families in Singapore. Secret societies and gang activities thrived during those dark years. That inspired the criminal element in Two Worlds, the second book of my Tales from Singapore series.

Two Worlds is actually the second edition of my book Two Worlds, One Love & a Serial Killer. It has a new cover, better formatting and no inside images.

Book Overview

Singapore's runaway, Stanley,leaves the ship to escape the hunters sent by his wealthy family from Singapore. He explores an island in Indonesia and meets a village girl, Eve.

As they fall in love, men in Eve's village drop dead. Superstitious villagers blame an evil spirit lurking in their community.

Over in Singapore, strange deaths pique the interest of a detective who decides to investigate the case. The clues lead him to Indonesia. As fate would have it, the detective is linked to Stanley's estranged family.

Here's an excerpt

“Ohh, Stanley. You’re so strong,” Belle’s tinkling voice gave Eve goosebumps.

Stanley grinned, flexing his biceps. “Discipline. Hard work.”

“Say, do you know Tan Ah Kow?” He looked her in the eye while maintaining his brilliant smile.

The grapevine said that Belle was the last to see him. Stanley must be investigating.

He’d be her next victim now that she knows he’s nosing around.

Eve’s heart dropped to her shoes. She had to act now!

Salt repels the Kuntilanak. Thorny sticks are the go-to weapon against the man-killing female spirit. The mirror shows its true nature. Eve was ready for the fight of her life.

Looking through the branches, she had a clear view of the Belle-shaped Kuntilanak sitting beneath her. Eve emptied the bag of salt on that evil spirit’s bobbing head.

Head thrown back, roaring in anger, the Kuntilanak screamed, “Come down now! I’ll kill you!”

Stanley jumped back. Shocked. Mouth gaping, he stared at the Kuntilanak in the guise of Belle, who had been so sweet, demure, and charming a minute ago.

Belle had to be an evil spirit. That would explain her tantrums when she didn’t get her way or win over the guy, she sets her eyes on.

The leaves hiding Eve rustled. Her heart raced.

“I see you!” Screeched Belle as she tugged at the branch Eve perched on.

Stanley froze, rooted to the ground.

Eve couldn’t blame the poor guy. The evil spirit had bewitched him. Adrenaline rushing through her veins, Eve thrust the thorny branch at the Kuntilanak, scratching her face.

Howling like a wolf at the full moon, Belle pulled down the branch.

As Eve tumbled down, she pulled out her mirror and directed it at Belle, revealing Belle for who she truly was – Belle.

Eve stared at the woman who broke her fall and that said woman’s reflection.

No fangs.

No claws.

Not even glowing red eyes.

Beneath her was one furious woman.

“S-sorry,” she stuttered. “I honestly thought you were a Kuntilanak.”

“I’ll. Kill. You.” Belle ground the words out through gritted teeth as she wrapped her hands around Eve’s neck.

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Title: Two Worlds

Author: Janice Wee

Ebook ISBN: 9798224406258
Ebook price: $7.99 USD

Print book ISBN: 9798224985647
Print book price: $15.99 USD