Two Worlds, One Love & A Serial Killer - Janice Wee

Book 2 of Tales from Singapore

In Two Worlds, One Love & a Serial Killer by Janice Wee, prepare to be captivated by a thrilling tale of love, mystery, and danger that unfolds across two parallel plots, intertwining the lives of Stanley, Eve, and a relentless serial killer.

In the exotic setting of Indonesia, Stanley's life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Eve, a courageous and captivating woman who saves him from a venomous snake bite. As their romance blossoms, dark forces emerge, and a series of inexplicable deaths shocks the island. Legend has it that a vengeful female spirit, the Kuntilanak, is behind the murders, spreading fear and chaos.

Meanwhile, in bustling Singapore, Stanley's Step Uncle George, a tenacious investigator, delves into a murder case connected to an ominous Opium Syndicate. Determined to unravel the truth, he embarks on a perilous undercover mission that leads him to Indonesia, where his path intersects with Stanley's.

As the horrifying reality unfolds, Stanley finds himself torn between two worlds. On one hand, he yearns to return home and reconcile with his family, but on the other, he is deeply in love with Eve, who is rooted in Indonesia with her own family. Caught in the crossfire of familial duty and heart-wrenching love, Stanley must make a life-altering decision.

Two Worlds, One Love & a Serial Killer is a pulse-pounding novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Janice Wee weaves an intricate web of suspense, passion, and chilling revelations that will leave readers breathless. Will love conquer all, or will the relentless serial killer shatter the lives of those caught in its deadly grip? Dive into this gripping story and discover the fate that awaits Stanley, Eve, and the secrets hidden within these two interconnected worlds.

Two Worlds

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Title: Two Worlds, One Love & a Serial Killer

Author: Janice Wee

Ebook ISBN: 9798215167670
Ebook price: $7.99 USD

Print book ISBN: 9798215165140
Print book price: $15.99 USD


In Two Worlds, One Love & a Serial Killer by Janice Wee, a passionate love story unfolds in Indonesia while a relentless serial killer terrorizes the island. As the danger escalates, Stanley must choose between returning home and his deep love for Eve. Will love conquer darkness?

Sample Chapter:

Natural Death or Deadly Plot?

George gagged. The pervasive stench of death hung low in the air, daring the private detective to unravel its mystery.

Before him lay Craig. His informant. A half-eaten croissant sat in its plate, flies buzzing over it. The body was stiff and cold. The eyes, wide open. Terrified. There was no breath. No pulse. Two pinpoint holes punctured an exposed arm indicating a snake bite.

Death by natural means?

Or murder?

George would have assumed the former, if not for the ominous call he received that led him to this place. The victim was one of his informers within one of Singapore’s opium syndicates.

The darkness that came with opium hit too close to home.

Rage simmered in his heart as thoughts of an old friend Carl came to mind. That once industrious man had a promising career ahead. Visits to opium dens which began as a form of relaxation, became a compulsion to feed his growing addiction. His opium habit turned him into a hollow shell of himself. Carl spent his days remaining days “chasing the dragon”. His once well-to-do family fell to financial ruin. Carl died of an opium overdose leaving his wife and children, a widow, and orphans.

There wasn’t much he could do about it. The British government benefited from the tax revenue the opium dens brought them and these syndicates paid their taxes.

His gloved hand fingered the note with the dead man’s last message.

Operation Krait. Rival syndicates. Monopoly profits.

That note led him here.

The room was a mess, but Craig had never been one to clean up after himself. An apple core on the floor crawling with ants. Beer and gravy spilt on the rug. Leave Craig alone in a room long enough, that’s what you’d expect.

George scanned the mess for clues.

There was a clump of red soil on the carpet. The soil in this part of Singapore was either black or a yellowish beige.

That clump came from the Bukit Timah Forest.