Escape To Long Hill

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Escape to Long Hill

Janice Wee

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Inspiration for this story

Families of chickens roam free in our neighbour parks. At first, I assumed it's some food contigency plan by the government. A friend said that isn't the case. She suspects these are descended from chickens who escaped a nearby farm when a storm destroyed it.That, together with the classic, Animal Farm, inspired this first story in my series, Short Stories from Long Hill.

Book overview for print version ISBN: 9798224748020

In Book 1, When a storm destroys the farm, it's the opportunity the chickens have long been waiting for. They escape.

The chickens agree to meet at Long Hill, but the chicks, Chico, Yvette and Angel were left behind. The trio escape predators and other threats to reunite with their community in Long Hill.

In Book 2, squabbling chicks, Chico and Yvette are separated when Yvette leaves Long Hill with her family. When she returns, Chico's grown into a majestic alpha rooster. Sparks fly in this adorable tale that was written for Valentine's Day.

The print version ISBN: 9798224748020 combines both Book 1 Escape to Long Hill and Book 2 Chico & Yvette with cartoons drawn by the author in one hilarious package that's guaranteed to delight kids and grown ups alike!

Book 1: Escape from Long Hill Excerpt

“The hound, twenty times bigger than any rooster, stalked us,” Uncle Freddy shuddered. “One snap from its massive jaws can kill the strongest of us, chickens.”

“How did you survive?” Little Chico’s beak gaped so big a fly could fall in.

“Uncle Monroe and his friends jumped him,” Chico’s Mummy butted in. “The dog was so shocked, he forgot about Fred here.”

“Can a mongoose beat a dog?” Yvette imagined her hero, Uncle Monroe in action.

Yvette's Hero

Book 2: Chico & Yvette Excerpt

The storm abated.

Warmth bloomed in Arabella’s breasts as she watched her four fluffy charges play in the mud.

Three of them were her own, but the biggest chick, Yvette, was her late best friend, Bessie’s kid. Yvette had seen her mother disappear into the red brick shed with the humans.

Rumours that humans slaughtered and ate Bessie had reached Yvette’s ears. That would traumatise the precious little one. Freddy, Yvette’s father, begged Arabella to take her into her brood until he could find a new mate.

“That’s mine!” Chico raced after a big fat worm. “I saw him first.”

“Mine!” Yvette rushed towards the worm from the opposite direction.

Chico and Yvette fight over a worm

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This is the version that has both Escape to Long Hill and Chico & Yvette in one print book with cartoon illustrations.

Title: Escape to Long Hill

Author: Janice Wee

Print book ISBN: 9798224828647
Print book price: $12 USD