7 Charming Short Stories about a Bumbling Girl

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Sweetcorn Suzie bumbles her way through life in these seven fun to read, short stories.

These are inspired by actual incidents, though all the names are fictitious to protect all parties involved.

A special thanks to my friend Pamela Yap who was kind enough to edit my work.

Here's one of the short stories : Of Bees and Poop



Like Daddy always said. A good poop is one of the sweetest joys in life. It’s something you’d never appreciate unless you’ve had serious constipation. Hence the constant supply of sweet ripe bananas in my parents’ home.

I was engrossed in my work when my colleague, one of the Boss’s pets stormed up to me.


Pointing at me, she hurled her accusations with Boss backing her every word – the biased judge and jury.

“She shitted all over the floor,” the sycophant fumed. “I had to clean up her poop!”

I did what?
I was pretty sure I laid my eggs in the toilet bowl. You can’t miss if you’re sitting on the nest.

All my life, once I’d outgrown diapers, I’ve never pooped out of the bowl or hole or whatever.
My Mom would certainly let me know if I ever absentmindedly dropped an egg out of place.

“Then she stepped on it and I had to clean up all the footsteps of shit!” Miss Sycophant ranted on.

Boss looked utterly disgusted at me. Sycophant was so convincing, she had me doubt my sanity. A sound reprimand and shaming later, I was back at my desk, continuing my work, though utterly miserable. High and mighty Sycophant mocked me with her smug triumphant smile.

Being underpaid was one thing. Being at the bottom of the ladder without any friends was still tolerable. But being picked on, targeted by Boss’s pets?

To say I was upset would have been an understatement. I could only swallow my anger and quietly continue working at the computer.

In my heart, I cried to God, the only one who’d listen. Who’d understand.

What’s wrong with me.

How is it possible I could poop on the floor and not realise it. How could I not realise I stepped on poop and smeared it everywhere?

Wait a minute. My shoes were clean. But no one would believe me. No one would dare speak against Boss’s pets.

Then again, was I so mindless I did all that and not realise it? Was I losing my mind?

With tears in my eyes, I continued my daily tasks, complaining to God. Asking him whether there’s something wrong with me.

Then I heard a scream followed by a commotion in the office.

It was Miss Sycophant.

There was a large insect buzzing around her. Sycophant kept screaming while boss fussed over her precious pet.

Turned out the bee had stung Miss Sycophant’s mouth.

I guess that’s God’s way of showing me He’s vindicated me. Only God knows Miss Sycophant had been lying all along. And that is enough for me.

of bees and poop

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Title: Sweetcorn Suzie

Author: Janice Wee

Ebook ISBN: 9798224021796
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