Max & Friends- Collects Books 1 to 3

Short Stories from Long Hill Book 3

Max & Friends

Max & Friends

Janice Wee

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Book Overview

A massive storm destroys the chicken farm, setting the chicken free. Roosters and hens flee with their chicks to Long Hill, a chicken paradise where food is plenty and birds roam free.

Max & Friends collect books 1 to 3 of the Short Stories from Long Hill series. These stories are within grade 1 to grade 3 reading level.

Book 1: Escape To Long Hill

When the chickens escape, baby chicks, Chico, Yvette and Angel are left behind. Hidden dangers lurk as they find their way to their new home.

Book 2: Chico and Yvette

Squabbling chicks, Chico and Yvette are split up when Yvette’s family moves away. When they move back, Chico has grown into a fine rooster and Yvette, a delightful hen. Sparks fly in this sweet enemies to lovers romance written for Valentine’s Day.

Book 3: Max the Cat

An old enemy shows up in Max’s neighbourhood. Then Sam, Max’s human disappears. Suspecting foul play, Max the Cat and Monroe Mongoose follow their noses in their search and rescue operation.

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Title: Max & Friends

Author: Janice Wee

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