Max The Cat

Short Stories from Long Hill Book 3

Book Overview

Max the Cat, Monroe Mongoose and Freddy the gallivanting rooster star in this short story. Max's human has disappeared. It's Max to the rescue!

He enlists the aid of his mongoose pal Monroe to save Sam. Tabitha Tabby, Max's crush, and her human Mia who happens to be Sam's crush, join in the fun.

This is written at Grade 3 level so it's a light an easy read for all ages. It's a great bedtime story too.

Here's a preview


Electricity surged through Freddy’s wing, sharp pain forcing him back to the ground.


Nursing his throbbing appendage, the young rooster stared at the electric fence – the only thing that stood between him and a life of adventure in the outside world.

There’s no real reason to leave the farm. Food’s so plentiful that many of his fellow chickens had grown morbidly obese. Most were too heavy to fly.

Not Freddy though. He keeps in shape. With practice, he’d be able to fly over the fence. The pain ebbed away as the cockerel sat on the ground, surveying his surroundings.

A gate caught his eye. That’s how humans enter and leave the compound. They would lift a flap to unlock it. Then they would push it open.

Flapping his wings, he lifted off the ground, high enough to reach the flap with his beak and pushed it up.


It worked.

Heart thumping with anticipation, he slammed his body against the gate, pushing it open.


Adrenaline coursing through his veins, Freddy ran as fast as his feet could carry him.

Ruff Ruff!

Just his luck. The humans left Hugo, to guard the farm. The massive canine’s powerful jaws could snap a chicken in two.

Flapping his still numb wings, the chicken fled with the dog in hot pursuit.


Lethal jaws clamped shut, missing Freddy by a feather’s breadth.


He lost a clump of feathers.

Shooting a desperate prayer to the Creator of everything, Freddy charged ahead.

The mutt’s too fast.

Then a brown streak shot towards them, hitting the mutt’s cheek.

Growling, Hugo turned towards the attacker. It’s a brown furry spitfire about the same size as Freddy, but quick as lightning. “Run,” his saviour murmured, before darting away from the dog’s attack. He’d paused long enough for Freddy to get a good look at him. His hero’s a mongoose! Freddy’s no coward. That furry fellow’s fast, but no match for a dog. One snap from the dog’s jaws would mean instant death for a mongoose.

“Go,” squeaked the brave fella as he led the hunter away.

His heart dropped when Hugo’s jaws missed his hero by a hair’s breadth.

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Title: Max The Cat

Author: Janice Wee

Ebook ISBN: 9798224724529
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