Emunah from Emunah Chronicles

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Emunah is the middle of three sisters in a Messianic Jewish family in Jerusalem. Her father sent her to study in a prestigious school in the West when she was a teenager. He rented a room from his friend Logan who owned a building near the school. She continued renting that room after she graduated and got a job in that city.

The landlord rented the apartment to several tenants, each taking a separate room but sharing the living room and kitchen. Over the years, she became close friends with her fellow tenants, Leo and Oliver.

She's five feet six, is a bit of a tomboy and has a massive crush on her best friend, Jayden, though she'd never admit it.

She's the central figure of the series. Although she is raptured early in the story, she touched the lives of many of the key players who continue through the apocalypse, into the Millenial rule and the final rebellion. (Am I giving too much away here?)

In any case, there are many story arcs and mini plots throughout the books which are fast paced, multi-faceted, page turners.

Disturbing Dreams

Emunah Book 1: Disturbing Dreams

Where this end times #speculative science fiction series begins.

Emunah commissioned a personal A.I. from Beast Corp and named it Asher. All went well until it turned sentient and proclaimed undying love for her. Her stalker grew creepier as it insisted on entering her world through a body cloned from Jayden's DNA. Freaked out by the turn of events, she turned to her friends for help when her A.I. Stalker refused to leave her alone.

The incident led Emunah and her friends to investigate Beast Corp. Leo in particular obsessed with the implications of emerging technology. He roped Emunah and Oliver into his investigations, which led to their encounter with aliens an the occult.

The Beast's Mark

The Beast's Mark

#Antichrist rule.

Emunah vanished. Everyone had different theories as to what happened to her. Logan is bothered by Emunah's ramblings about alien encounters and believes she was abducted by aliens.

Emunah Novel : The Quest for Immortality

Emunah Novel : The Quest for Immortality

Speculative Science Fiction novel based on prophetic events.

This novel begins with Leo's investigations after encountering Emunah's A.I. We see how Emunah touches the lives of each of her friends before her sudden departure. She returns as a powerful immortal to visit her friends during the thousand utopian years.