Jayden from Emunah Chronicles

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Jayden was the only child in an upper middle class family. When he was pursuing his doctorate in a prestigious university, his parents died in a plane crash. He inherited his family business. With his brilliant mind and exceptional networking skills, he grew it exponentially, starting new businesses along the way. When the story begins, Jayden's net worth was in the billions.

At six feet two with his father's brilliant blue eyes, handsome features and athletic build, Jason has always been popular with the ladies. His best friend Emunah had a crush in him, which he pretended not to notice.

He's a card carrying member of the largest and wealthiest Methodist church in the West, using church connections to grow his business while contributing generously to the Church's fund raising activities.

Disturbing Dreams

Emunah Book 1: Disturbing Dreams

Where this end times #speculative science fiction series begins.

The story begin when Emunah's sentient A.I. offers to clone Jayden and inhabit the cloned body to enter Emunah's world in Jayden's likeness.

Emunah's house mate Leo brings up the underground bunker project which he gladly helps fund, with the intention of using his underground bunker as a base for dyspotian themed parties.

Jayden is fond of Emunah but friend zones her while he plays around with his numerous female admirers. Her constant nagging at him to turn to Jesus irritates him until her sudden disappearance.

The Beast's Mark

The Beast's Mark

#Antichrist rule.

Emunah and her friends vanished before Jayden's eyes. Of all the explanations given for that global vanishing, Jayden is certain that the Rapture had just happened. He repents and turns to Jesus. His hope is now to survive the 7 year tribulation and then enter the Utopian millennial rule of Christ. He liquidates all his assets and puts all he has into the underground city built for those who refuse to follow Beast.

Beast gains power and no one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Many brethren cave in and take the mark, forfeiting their souls. Jayden and his friends conduct rescue missions to save as many as they can and bring them to their underground refuge to wait out the seven year tribulation.

Emunah Novel : The Quest for Immortality

Emunah Novel : The Quest for Immortality

Speculative Science Fiction novel based on prophetic events.

This novel covers the entire timeline in The Chronicles of Emunah. It begins with Jayden's involvement with The Ark, his relationship with his best friend Emunah and his new role as one of the leaders in the underground city. He rescues prisoners from Beast's clutches and brings them to The Ark. That's how he meets the love of his life Ava. Read the book for the rest of their story. I don't want to spoil it for you here.